The Spectrometer For Practitioners
The MAVOSPEC BASE is a high-quality, miniaturized spectrometer for routine daily measurement of all conventional and modern light sources such as LEDs and OLEDs. All characteristic measured quantities such as illuminance, correlated color temperature, , color rendering index according CIE 13.3 as well as IES TM-30-15, color coordinates in accordance with various CIE standards, flicker, spectral power distribution, peak wavelength and dominant wavelength are determined for the measured spectrum and displayed such that they can be understood by experts as well as laypersons.
Great variety of applications
- Development and manufacturing of lamps and light fixtures
- Wholesale and retail sale of lamps and light fixtures
- Medical technology
- Shop lighting
- Workplace lighting
- Interior design, lighting design
- Exhibitions, museums, libraries
- Studio, stage and film lighting
- Human centric lighting research
- Monitors, projectors, large-format screens
Calculation of illuminance based on spectral data. Cosine-corrected measuring probe in accordance with class B per DIN 5032-7. With additional calculation of irradiance and luminous efficacy of radiation.
Large dynamic range
The meter is capable of measuring values from 10 to
100 000 lx, thus covering a broad range of applications.
Spectral power distribution
Measurement of spectral power distribution over a large spectral range of 380 to 780 nm with determination of the peak wavelength and dominant wavelength.
Chromaticity, color coordinates
Measurement of color coordinates in accordance with CIE 1931 [x,y], CIE 1960 [u,v] and CIE 1976 [u', v'], and
display of the CIE standard color table.
Light quality
Measurement of the correlated color temperature CCT, distance to Planckian locus and color rendering indices Ra, Re, R1 through R15 as well as gamut area index.
Color rendering according IES standard TM-30-15 with 99 reference colors and calculation of fidelity index Rf as well as gamut index Rg.
Flicker value
Measurement of flicker as an index, as a percentage and frequency.
Outstanding measured value stability
The integrated temperature sensor and automatic temperature compensation of the dark stream assure outstanding measurement results over a large temperature range.
Individual calibration
Each spectrometer is subjected to photometric and radiometric calibration prior to shipment. A simple calibration report is included in the scope of delivery.
Convenient daily use
Highly practical one-hand operation with the ring controller and just a few keys, easily legible color display with high resolution, compact design, protected transport in a high-quality aluminum case.
Automatic measured value storage
Thousands of light measurements can be automatically or manually saved in CSV format to the 4 GB microSD card which is integrated into the battery compartment where it’s well protected.
Easy data transfer
The integrated USB port permits easy data exchange with the PC. The data, which are saved in CSV format, can be imported to any desired programs.
Individual system integration
The open protocol for device control and data communication permits incorporation into the user’s own applications.
Sustainable device concept
The ability to update the device via the USB port keeps it open for future expansions and standards
Ecological power supply
Replaceable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charging via USB port with external mains power pack, display of charging status and battery level, approximately 8 hours of continuous operation without shutdown.
Extremely long rechargeable battery operating time
Can be extended by reducing display brightness, with automatic display and device shutdown.
Technical Data
Measuring functionsIlluminance 10 lx to 100 000 lx
Irradiance Ee (380 nm …780 nm)
Luminous efficacy of radiation LER
Corelated color temperature CCT
Color rendering per CIE 13.3
Color rendering index Ra (average R1 - R8)
Color rendering index Re (average R1 - R15)
Gamut area index GAI
Color rendering indices R1 - R15
Color rendering per IES TM-30-15
TM30 Fidelity index Rf
TM30 Gamut index Rg
Peak wavelength
Dominant wavelength per CIE 15
Purity per CIE 15
Chromaticity coordinates [x,y] per CIE 1931
Chromaticity coordinates [u',v'] per CIE 1976
Chromaticity coordinates [u, v] per CIE 1960
Flicker index, %, frequency
Spectral range380 - 780 nm (VIS)
Physical resolution~ 1.8 nm
Reproducibility0.5 nm
Integration time10 ms – 3000 ms
FunctionsFlicker compensation, temperature sensor and automatic zero-point correction
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Interface protocolDisclosed
Memory4 GB Micro SD in battery compartment
Memory modeManual, auto
Data formatCSV
Mains power pack 100…240 V (50/60 Hz) 0.15A
Ausgang USB Buchse 5 V, 1 A
Rechargeable batteryLi-Ion 3.7 V - 890 mAh, replaceable
Rechargeable battery life> 8 hours continuous operation
Charging timeapprox.. 1.5 hours
Dimensions139 x 60 x 30 mm
Weightapprox. 200 g
Scope of deliveryAluminium case, wallet, rechargeable battery, USB cable, power pack, carrying strap, 4 GB micro SD card, instructions
Replacement Rechargeable Battery V070A
Li-Ion Akku 3.7 V, 890mAh
IES TM-30-15 included
Subject to change