Digital precision instrument for measuring luminance
with the measuring sensor placed directly on the luminous or backlighted surfaces, for instance monitors (CRT/LCD), TV screens, light boxes, light panels, traffic signs and ground glass. An easy to handle, user-friendly measuring instrument for professional applications in industry and service, for special checks and certified testings according to the existing safety regulations, above all at work stations, in medical and office systems
Precision measurement of the luminance
Classified according to DIN 5032-7 Class B and CIE no. 69
Silicon photo diode, colour corrected, i.e. its spectral responsitivity is matched to the spectral phototic vision of the human eye V().
Easy to operate
Fully functional for all professional requirements
3½ digit display
Data storage of max. 100 values
USB 1.1 Interface
CD Rom with software for processing the values measured and regulating the meter
Ever-ready case and USB cable included
Technical Data
Measuring Ranges0,01 cd/m² to 19 990 cd/m²
subdivided in 4 measuring ranges
ResolutionMR I 0.01 cd/m²
MR II 0.1 cd/m²
MR III 1 cd/m²
MR IV 10 cd/m²
Measuring Rate2 measurements/sec.
DisplayDigital, 3 ½ digits LCD
AccuracyClassified according DIN 5032-7, Class B
Standard supplyLuminance meter in transport case, Adapter disk, gLux Software incl. meter driver, USB cable, battery and instruction manual
Subject to change