High Precision Luxmeter
available in class B and class C versions in accordance with DIN 5032-7,
appendix B of EN13032-1 and CIE S 023. Both variants are equipped with V(λ) adaptation as well as cosine correction, and reliably measure the illuminance of daylight and artificial sources of light including LED.
Great variety of applications
- Monitoring of workstations and public buildings
– Planning, production, repair and maintenance of lighting systems
– Quality assurance for manufacturers of lamps and light fixtures
– Research and development at light engineering facilities
Maximum precision – Classified measurement of illuminance in lx or fc in accordance with class B or class C per DIN 5032-7, appendix B of EN 13032-1 and CIE S 023.
Broad measuring range – High initial sensitivity and a resolution of 0.01 lx or 0.001 fc for the MAVOLUX 5032 B USB, right on up to large illuminance values of 199,900 lx or 19,990 fc.
Calibration Capability – As an option, the accredited GOSSEN Light Lab can issue a factory or a DAkkS calibration certificate for measuring equipment monitoring in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. More information can be found here.
V(λ) adaptation – The spectral sensitivity of the silicon photodiode is color corrected and corresponds to the spectral brightness sensitivity of the human eye V(λ). The quality of this adaptation represents a significant difference between the class B and class C variants.
Cosine correction – The luminosity of a flat measuring surface is proportional to the cosine of the incident angle of light. This relationship is taken into consideration by the sensor during evaluation.
Simple expansion of functions – Unclassified measurement of luminance in cd/m² or fL is made possible by the optional luminance attachment. An additional adapter disc prevents erroneous measurements due to incidence of light from the side.
Convenient everyday use – Simple operation, easy to read display, compact design, protection during transport in a high quality aluminum case.
Non-volatile memory – 100 measured values can be saved, retrieved or trans-mitted to a PC via the integrated USB port. Average illuminance values can also be calculated as a result.
Computer-aided measurement – The meter’s continuous operating mode is assured thanks to power supply via the USB port. Meter control, as well as reading, display and storage of measured values, is managed with GLUX 2 software, included in the delivery contents.
Technical Data
Accuracy class
per DIN 5032-7, appendix B of EN13032-1, CIE S 023
Mavolux 5032 C USB: Class C
Mavolux 5032 B USB: Class B
Light sensor Silicon fotodiode with V(λ)-filter
Functions Autorange, Range Hold, Manual Range, displays Lux (lx) / Footcandle (fc), Hold function and Mem function for 100 measuring values.
Measuring range Mavolux 5032 C USB0.1 lx to 199 900 lx
Optional with Luminance Attachment:
1 cd/m² to 1 999 000 cd/m² each with 4 ranges
Measuring range Mavolux 5032 B USB0.01 lx to 199 900 lx Optional with Luminance Attachment 0.1 cd/m² to 1 999 000 cd/m²
each with 5 ranges
Measurement rate 2 measurements per second
Connector cable (meter / sensor) Mavolux 5032 B USB:
1.5 m, plug-in
Mavolux 5032 C USB:
1.5 m, firmly connected
optional available 3 m, 5 m or 10 m special length on additional costs
Battery 1,5 V size AA, IEC LR 6, alkaline-manganese cell.
When the meter is connected to a PC, power will be supplied by the PC via the USB cable
Battery service life approx. 45 hours

65 x 120 x 19 mm
31 x 105 x 30 mm (1/4 “ tripod connector)
Weight approx. 200 g without battery
Standard Equipment Aluminium case, GLUX 2 software on CD-ROM, USB cable, battery, operating instructions, light-tight protective cover cap.
Luminance attachment
Approx. 15 measuring angle.
Adapter Disc for Luminance Attachment
Eliminating light incidental from the sides and protecting sensitive surfaces from scratching due to velvet surface area
Subject to change