External Exposure Meters - Still as Important as Ever

One of the most frequently asked questions is: "Is a handheld exposure meter still necessary at all for digital photography? My camera is capable of matrix metering, center-weighted metering and spot metering - what more could I possibly need? I see the image results immediately at my display and in the histogram, and I correct exposure there. If necessary, I get rid of any image recording flaws later at my PC with image processing software. Why should I work with a museum piece like the one my grandfather used?"

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Long live the exposure meter!

For years, camera-integrated exposure meters have been the standard also in professional cameras. Thanks to innovations like matrix metering and pre-flash function to measure the reflection properties, the current TTL metering systems (TTL = through the lens) are perfectly suited to obtain good exposure, especially for dynamic motifs. The success rate is quite high and deviations can easily be corrected with digital retouching, though this causes a loss in quality.

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