Digital exposure meter with analogue settings - for ambient light - maximum
features in miminum size
Incident and reflected light measuring mode
Microprocessor controled operation
Digital LCD display of read out in 1/3 stops
Storage of values measured
At-a-glance indication of all suitable combinations of shutter speeds (t) and aperture (f-stops)
"Range over" or "Range Under" signal
TIMER function
WATCH and ALARM function
Temperature measurement function
Technical Data
Meter Type digital exposure
Measuring modes Incident light, reflected light, contrast measurement
Light sensor sbc photodiode
Measuring angel in reflected mode approx. 25°
Meas. range ambient light at ISO 100/21° EV 0 to 18
Shutter speeds t = 1/2000 sec to 4 min
Aperture/f-stops f/1 to f/32
Correction values +/- 3,0
Film speeds ISO 0,8/0° to 100 000/51°
Timer 0 sec to 30 min
Watch 12 hor 24 h display
Accuracy 5 min/year
Thermometer adjustable to ºC or ºF
Measuring range -15°C to 70°C or 5°F to 160°F
Accuracy +/- 2°C or +/- 4°F
Display Digital LCD-display and setting ring
Battery 9 V; battery level display
Operating temp. range -10°C to 60°C
Dimensions approx. 75mm x 50mm x 23mm
Weight approx. 40g incl. battery
Accessories included Battery, carrying case, cord, manual
Optional accessories Mounting clip for camera shoes.
At additional price, Order code V069A
Subject to change